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Pk: *presses the omega button*

*Ducklair Tower explodes*

Everett: *Arrives 15 minutes late with interstellar starbucks*

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So for the new PK Giant, they’re doing cards again and the requirements are crazy photos.

I think my fave is the dress up like Santa in an elevator, and drive a bulldozer (or some Earth moving machine), the last because where the hell are half these people finding a bulldozer.

I don’t know what this is exactly, but I am getting PKmail flashbacks and it’s great.

Then I realised that the original PKmail was probably never translated and now I feel sorry for you for missing out on that glorious piece of comedy comic history.

Preach it. What a loss for international comics history *wipes a single tear with a hamster* It’s the new Action Hero Cards, apparently!

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Where Riven, Witchhouse, and architecture meet.



Where Riven, Witchhouse, and architecture meet.

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Skimming through DYW letters so far, I thought that the Robot Unicorn Attack one was winning Yuletide for me… but there’s an A Study in Emerald one (that’s Gaiman’s take on LovecraftAU!Holmes) that encourages fusions with other Holmesians canons such as Great Mouse Detective and that… that sure is a mental image.

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I’m not sure but if he is involved than he must have been forced to tone it down. :c

I think the best way to describe the landscape in my dream is Lisa Frank artwork/portrait without the random flying colorful animals or dolphins and if Naora did the graphic designs. The whole cliff/aqueduct view was gorgeous. Your dream just sounds like an entire game just ready to happen though.

Hah, yours too! Mine ended up feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, which Lightning Returns also accomplished to a small degree (mostly at the beginning) so I feel a little vindicated.

…maybe they let him do his thing and then they have someone else open all his work in Photoshop and slide down the saturation levels to, like, 5. Maybe they have everyone else look at his stuff while wearing sunglasses. The inner workings of Squenix are mysterious, we’ll never know. I’m still not entirely convinced that Nomura did not, in fact, pull a Liquid Snake on Yoshida to get FFXII’s characters to look like his creations more than anything that had ever come out of Ivalice.

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Definitely better than current FFXV! This reminds me that years ago, I dreamed that I was playing as Lightning but the art direction was all Yusuke Naora all the time, so, uh, much better suited to my tastes than actual XIII…

I used to laugh about FFXIII being hallway the game but then Skyward Sword happened. And they did the same thing to the point that even backtracking was less out of exploration and more for the story. 

And your dream sounds gorgeous. Though I think Naora is doing the art direction for FFXV? I’m not sure. 

Is he? Poor man, who took away his palette? He must be so sad among those desaturated wastelands! When I think Naora I think, yanno, stuff like this? Bam, in your face?

In my dream, I must’ve gotten Lightning and U:SaGa’s Laura a little mixed up (probably due to all the pink, the badassery, the Hamauzu music and the rose theme) so I was imagining locations like these in full, sparkly PS3 graphics. I was exploring a huge garden-labyrinth full of roses… and behemoths, I think. It was cool.

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My thesis supervisor was a huge expert on how information is conveyed through a different number of visual and aural channels in different types of communication and how that’s basically the ABC of any medium’s distinctive language and his lessons stuck with me. Can’t say I remember the technicalities but fight me, this stuff’s important, lots of good artists have an instinctive grasp on it of course but seeing someone point it out is good, it’s very good.

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Cyan and Legendary Pictures Partner for Transmedia TV Series Based on… Myst? | The Mary Sue →


Yes, yes, yes and fuck yes!

I really don’t get the trend in Myst-related journalism of bashing the source like nobody cares. People who are reading past the headline probably do? And even when it’s not the case and the author is a fan, like here, there’s… Cyan bashing. Okay.

A visual… linear… medium… Sorry. I had to go roll my eyes back into my head. Come on, dude, we’ve had multiple Myst novels at this point. Get down off your hifalutin words and just say you want to make a show about the D’ni, or whatever.

A visual linear medium, yeah. The games were visual and anything but linear. The novels were linear and by definition not visual. A visual linear medium is new for the series so it IS important to point out that they are aiming for something that’s appropriate to this new medium. What the hell.

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Me & my hand-made Phalanx plushie, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, January 2007, enjoying our holiday thanks to this

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…Tumblr, I know these are old pictures, but why are you loading them rotated 90° clockwise