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Modern gaming. You can’t explore for five minutes without running into a cutscene.

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1. Do you know when my gaming-enabled “must look behind every nook and cranny” habit comes back to bite me? Parks. Especially the kind of famously big ones. It’s been an intense 4,5 hours of fast, fast walking on already sore muscles. Squirrels!
2. Xi’an famous foods. Possibly the best cold noodles I’ve ever had (possibly including last year’s soba in Tokyo), for a steal. These super quality cheap joints are among my favourite types of restaurants.
3. It hasn’t even started yet and Sleep No More is already the highlight of this trip so far. Look up the McKittrick’s Gallow Greens, a terrace restaurant on top of the building where the show is held… I’m resting my feet for an hour here, the beer is excellent, the staff is criminally nice and welcoming, and the place is as cool as it looked on the internet. I’m in love.

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So much to tell, so very tired… I wanted to screencap a map of Manhattan with all the walking done today but nope too tired. A weird food hunt also happened, culminating in take-away ramen eaten in a park with an open-air screening of animated shorts about dogs. Things sure happened today.

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This city is amazing. Back from a devastatingly long walk to do another (organized) one!

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Aw, no Myst at MoMA currently (nor Portal nor Another World nor flOw nor Katamari… my terrible luck with rotating and temporary exhibitions strikes back) but I made a high score at Asteroids.

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If it isn’t clear by the title already that this fic is by no means serious, I hope that a whole chapter devoted to Ahnonay seals the deal.

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Reading the Valaquenta again for the tolkienreadalong, this line jumped out at me which I’d never really noticed before:

"He has little heed for either the past or the future, and is of no avail as a counsellor, but is a hardy friend.”

Immediately scenarios of Tulkas’ advice column leapt into my head. Thanks for trying, Tulkas.

Transcript below the cut:

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Yeah, you know his solution to everything is “Hit it!”

"I’m having trouble getting this mountain to turn out the way I want it"

"Hit it!"

"Um, I’ve already done that"

"Hit it harder!"

"How do you get a girl to notice you?"

"Hit her! Oh, hang on, that’s probably not a good idea.  How did me and Nessa get together - oh, yeah!  Let her hit you!  Chicks love dudes who can take a punch!”

"Is that really how you two got together?”

"Ah, dancing is the same as fighting, right?  Well, it counts as athletic competition, anyway?  Okay, so she ran me down like a cheetah chasing an antelope and danced me into submission, are you happy now?"

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Leaving for three weeks!

Plane’s leaving in 13 hours! I’ll probably check tags and notifications and chill online now and then, liveblog a little and post some pics, but I obviously won’t be here much. You all have a lovely summer, okay? See you in August!